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          Welcome to Health, Safety & Wellbeing, committed to ensuring that working and studying at the University of Glasgow is as healthy, safe and beneficial for your overall wellbeing, and that of the environment, as possible. We have a variety of professional and clinical specialists who can offer you a range of advice, guidance, training and clinical services in relation to occupational health and safety management and environmental management as it impacts on you, your colleagues, staff and students.



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          职业卫生单位 已经成立,以保护您的健康,同时在工作中,评估以及您为工作正在进行健身建议,并确保工作相关的健康问题得到有效管理。


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          安全和环保服务 (SEPS)的作用是,协助大学在整合安全工作实践纳入其活动。 SEPS监测这些活动和设计,以确保大学健康与安全和环保法规的规定路线提供建议。 SEPS也可以提供防火,生物和化学安全专家咨询以及施工安全和废物和环境问题。


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          防辐射服 (RPS)已经成立,以提供从使用电离和非电离辐射的安全问题,各部门,学生和工作人员的信息和建议。

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